About CareFully

For the vast majority of people, it’s a matter of when, not if, our lived experience will involve navigating the challenges of life with a chronic illness, short- or long-term disability, or complex aging. CareFully is dedicated to creating news and resources to help people navigate these complexities with explanatory reporting, guides to understanding resources and programs, and community around the firsthand and caregiver’s experience.


CareFully works toward a world where people who experience or care for people experiencing chronic illness, short- or long-term disabilities or complex aging are supported by news, resources and community to navigate their circumstances with agency, dignity, respect and care.


CareFully examines the systems, processes and culture that affects the lives of people who experience or care for people experiencing chronic illness, short- or long-term disabilities or aging with a human-centered approach that prioritizes the dignity, agency and needs of people directly impacted.

Editorial Transparency


Any errors in our work are to be corrected as promptly and transparently as possible with verified correct information. Details of the correction will be noted within the original piece of work or appended to the work. We invite notification of any errors or omissions.


We seek to be transparent in our work. Corrections or updates to any content will be noted within or appended to the original piece of work. All content will be clearly attributed to the person or persons who created it.

There are many industries, commercial and political interests at play with regard to the topics that are discussed on this site. People and organizations in or adjacent to these industries and interests will be fully identified if they are interviewed or mentioned in any content on this site.

Business and Revenue

We are exploring options for donations, membership and/or philanthropy. Once a model has been decided upon, we will explain how it will work but it is our priority that our guides and resources will always be as accessible as possible without charge at the point of access. If and when we seek financial support from the community, it will be voluntary. We feel strongly that this information is too important and already far too difficult to access to put it behind a paywall.

It's also important to maintain the integrity of the content and because there are many industries that intersect with the issues that will be discussed on this site, we will be avoiding advertising or sponsorship from entities with commercial interest in these topics.

Collaborations and assistance policy

This policy sets forth our expectations and approach to collaborations, partnerships and rendering professional assistance to individuals and organizations. These terms are grounded in mutual respect for each party’s responsibilities to their colleagues and communities.

Definition of collaboration

We define collaboration as any activity in which our organization works with individuals employed by, or working on behalf of, an outside entity on a journalistic endeavor. We seek to partner with other organizations to improve our work in service to our community, to increase the reach of our work, and to increase the expertise and skills that can be applied to the work being done.


We expect to treat and be treated as equals in our dealings with other journalists and organizations regardless of prestige, power or measures of contribution.


We expect that the resources, expectations and benefits of a collaboration should be distributed in an equitable manner.


We expect that the outcome of our assistance or collaboration is of benefit to our community.


We refrain from participating in collaborations or providing professional assistance when we have reason to believe that our participation will result in harm, extraction or exploitation of our community by ourselves or our partners.


We expect that the work of the collaboration is in keeping with ethical journalistic practice.


We commit to transparency regarding our assistance to and collaborations with others and expect that participation to be conducted transparently, publicly and with all members, participants and funding fully disclosed. We will publicly identify all partners in all collaborations we take part in.

Good Faith

We expect that all members of a collaboration will act in good faith with one another; honestly, openly, and accountably.